Mums’ Night Out

"Healthy habits for busy Mums with Wendy Griffith"

December 02, 2021 Rachel & Sophie
Mums’ Night Out
"Healthy habits for busy Mums with Wendy Griffith"
Show Notes

In this episode of Mums' Night Out we are joined by our very first guest - healthy habits expert Wendy Griffith.

Wendy  helps busy career mums thrive with the juggle of mum life through building sustainable health habits.  Her lifestyle coaching addresses; stress, nutrition, exercise, time management and sleep, where it’s her mission to help career mums build healthier habits, which serve the unique life of each mum. 

In this episode we chat with Wendy about Mum guilt, the danger of comparisonitis, the benefit of building just a couple of healthy habits into your life and why Wendy thinks the idea of a work/life balance is BS!!

One of Wendy's top tips for busy Mums is to meal plan each week which will actually save us time in the long run! She has very kindly offered her fabulous meal planner as a free download for our listeners and you can grab that here.

If you've enjoyed this episode then do head over and say hi to Wendy on Instagram and listen to her wonderful podcast: Healthy & Thriving Mums.

Mums' Night Out is hosted by Rachel, owner of Happy Cat Kids, an online children's toy & gift store and mum to Roxy (10) and Henry (6) and Sophie, primary school teacher and Mum to Amelia (11) and Daisy (5) .

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So grab a glass of wine, stick in your headphones and let's have a Mums' night out...